Hybrid non-profit/for-profit structure key to success for Indian social venture.

Dial 1298 Image

Dial 1298 Image

Harvard Business Review reports on a clever sustainable business strategy by Dial 1298 providing ambulance services to previously unserved areas in Mumbai, India.   The venture is structured using a clever hybrid approach wherby a non-profit foundation owns the ambulances and other assets which it rents exclusively to the for-profit Dial 1298 on a per use basis. 

This structure allows Dial 1298 to operate profitably with very low overhead, while the non-profit structure of the foundation allows it receive donated ambulances and other significant philanthropic support. 

Although the IRS may take a close look at such structures if formed in the U.S., I think this sort of thing can and will work here as well.   IMO, this sort of hybrid structure offers a lot more flexibility and lot less compromises than the Low Profit Limited Liability Company (L3C).


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  1. […] For those coordinating financial arrangements for both national and international projects, this issue is at the crux of SE complexity. Your structuring must cater to your mission and social goals. Legal limitations must define expectations for all stakeholders. Most importantly, innovative approaches to specific circumstances are essential. This can be seen in the case of Dial1298. […]

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